A non-migrating plasticizer based on renewable resources 

With the new polyurethane (PU) polyol component ALBODUR® 110 VP, ALBERDINGK BOLEY GmbH, Krefeld, brings a new generation of low viscous plasticizers and reactive diluents to the market. This polyol can replace plasticizers which might pose health hazards in existing PU systems.


Areas of application are any kind of polyurethane-based adhesives or sealants in which traditionally migrating plasticizers are often still incorporated. Another use for the product is the durable elastification of elastomer and foam systems.


Through the mono-functionality of the polyol, a chemical bonding takes place in the polymer matrix of the overall system so that the possibility of migration can be eliminated. Unlike commercially available phthalates or their substitutes, the softening effect is stable over time. Therefore VOC-free and thus future orientated adhesive and sealing compounds can be realized. Thanks to the low viscosity of the new ALBODUR® 110 VP polyol, higher filling degrees and therefore more economical systems are possible. This offers to the formulator an additional unique selling proposition. Due to the fact that the product is castor oil based, the hydrophobic characteristics of the system noticeably increases which positively affects the water resistance.


As Thomas Baur, Manager New Business Development of the tradition-rich Krefeld company, summarizes the characteristics of the new polyol component: “Of course like any new developments from ALBERDINGK BOLEY, ALBODUR® 110 VP fulfils all REACh regulations and is thereby today already meeting the requirements of tomorrow. Thanks to our expertise in the area of renewable resources, we have succeeded in developing a universal system for ecology minded elastification while simultaneously providing the highest performance parameters”.


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