a new 100% polyol based on renewable resources for aliphatic polyurethane systems


Application areas are interior and exterior light-stable coatings for such products as decorative floors, where good mechanical and chemical resistance is required (flooring of offices and shopping centres, stone carpets, etc.). But not only floor coatings applications are being served by this grade: because of its good workability and adhesion properties ALBODUR® 955 VP has distinct advantages over 2 component spray aliphatic systems used for metal protection applications (both for primed substrates, as well as direct-to-metal) or GRP (fibreglass reinforced plastic) substrates.

The goal set during the development of ALBODUR® 955 VP was to combine excellent processing properties, high cured hardness and reduced OH content making possible a cost optimized aliphatic polyurethane system. Like all binders in the ALBODUR® product line, ALBODUR® 955 VP is also based on renewable resources and is characterized by its excellent hydrophobic properties. The product can be cosslinked with all major aliphatic polyisocyanates (HDI, HDI/IPDI-Mix).


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ALBERDINGK BOLEY expands the ALBODUR® product line of 100% PU-Polyols based on renewable resources with the new ALBODUR® 955 VP. This binder is particularly designed for crosslinking with aliphatic polyisocyanates and sets new standards in this growing market.