ALBODUR®-Polyols based on renewable resources

ALBERDINGK BOLEY consistently expands the sustainable product range. From now on, additional 100% polyol types on castor oil basis are available with top performance parameters.  

ALBODUR® 110 VP successfully covered the demand for a new generation of plasticizers and reactive diluents based on renewable resources. Through the mono functionality of the polyol, a chemical bonding takes place in the polymer matrix of the overall system so that the possibility of migration can be eliminated.  

To additionally cover a wide range of uses, we now developed castor-oil based polyols that vary in function and molecular weight (Mw = 1,000 to 4,000). Application areas include adhesives and sealing materials, as well as elastomer systems, for which mineral oil-based polyether polyols were previously used exclusively. The new ALBODUR®-polyols are characterised by improved chemical resistances and increased hydrophobic characteristics as compared to the standard products. Because we now have several polyol components with green raw materials basis available, the share of renewable resources in the overall system can be significantly increased. The basis is green!

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