an Ecolabel capable acrylate dispersion with a maximum adhesion for universal corrosion protection applications.

ALBERDINGK BOLEY GmbH introduces ALBERDINGK® AC 2403, the first commercially available acrylic emulsion that was specifically developed for aqueous corrosion protection applications.

Adhesion promoters added during the polymerization phase provides ALBERDINGK AC® 2403 with superior adhesion to all metal substrates, including critical galvanized surfaces.

The outstanding corrosion protection properties of this product are made possible by a highly hydrophobic, steam impervious film. Thanks to the extremely low water absorption, the corrosion tendency of the coating is significantly reduced and condensation resistance greatly improved.

The innovative production process makes possible a low MFFT, which leads to an extremely low VOC content. A further advantage is the option of formulating the dispersion without the addition of active fillers. Thus by using ALBERDINGK® AC 2403 it is possible to produce a "European Ecolabel" corrosion protection coating.  

Furthermore, ALBERDINGK® AC 2403 allows you to produce a non blocking, absolutely tack-free film with a glossy appearance. A very good UV resistance is also achieved, which is an additional benefit to the formulator.  

The range of applications for this universal core-shell dispersion includes all corrosion protection applications on metal substrates (Direct-to-Metal). This can be in the area of DIY corrosion protection as well as in the field of classical industrial coating applications.

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